May 1, 2012

Fantastic Foods Friday...Let's Link Up!!

Welcome to my first Blogger-hosted Linky Party! This will be a trial run to test out my free subscription to Linky Tools. I think I have the Linky set up the way I want it but I won't know for sure until it gets tested! I did a trial run with a post of my own and everything looks good but there's some things on the back end I want to check out to make sure I have all the settings right.

The plan is to do this every Friday through Sunday and do a Feature Presentation the following Friday by highlighting the top three Most Viewed Links...if I have my settings done correctly. If I haven't set them up right on this first go around and can't view the Most Viewed links then I reserve the right to pick my favorites and keep tweaking my Linky Settings until I get them where I want them.

Regardless, every weekend I will Pin, Tweet and Facebook the three Featured posts. This will bring awareness to your awesome foods and help promote your blog!!

**Here are the rules...short and sweet:

*Recipes ONLY - no crafts, DIY projects, give-aways or spam

*Link this page back to your site - it's Linky courtesy.

*Be sure to click around, visit the other sites and leave a comment here and there...we all LOVE comments!

*Leave me a Comment to let me know you were here and what you shared.

So come on WordPressers and anybody else who happens to stumble across this first party! Let's Link Up and see what you got!


  1. Thanks for putting this together, Justa, can't wait to see all the great eats!

  2. Hi! I brought a blackberry lime swirl cake to the party! Loving this link party idea!


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